1. What is your standard Turnaround time and quickest turnaround time?

For standard 1 and 2 layers - 5 working day

For standard 4 layers - 7 working days

Quickest 1 and 2 layers - 3 working days

Quickest 4 layers - 5 working days.

2. What are the cutoff time?

Cutoff time would be 12pm daily. Any request after 12pm will be consider as the following day.

3. How long will it take to get a quote?

We will respond to your quote on the same day of request provided the country region falls within the same time zone as Malaysia. Otherwise all other inquiries will be generated within 24hours.

4. What type of format do you require to read files?

We accept Gerbers RS274-X, Protel , NCDrill File (along with drill tool list and aperture file), soldermask, with silkscreen and copper layers. Kindly upload files through the online order or quote request form.

5. Can I reorder the same design in future and how long do you keep the files?

We accept and welcome reorders but the designs will be kept as a record for 6 months.

6. Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes we accept PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

7. Do you offer Credit Term?

It is regretful that we do not practice any credit terms currently. All order are required to be paid in advance.

8. Are the payment methods? How do I make payment after I have placed the order?

For new customers, payment is required to be made upon order confirmation. There are three types of payment modes. You may either make the payment through Paypal, direct bank transfers or TT to us. We will send you a payment link or banking details once your order is confirmed.

9. Can I cancel my order?

Sorry, once your order is confirmed we will proceed on manufacturing process. Kindly be noted that 50 % of charges will be forfeited upon cancellation. Partial claims will be charged except for shipping and handling cost that will then be exempted.

10. Do you do only top-side silkscreen or both sides?

We are able to do silkscreen (legend) on both ends or else no silkscreen will be mounting on the PCB.

11. What is E-Test? Is my PCB tested?

Electrical Testing is done by default for each order. All PCBs will be required to be tested with Flying Probe examination. The underlying process ensures all the connection points on the electrical netlists are well connected.

12. Can you build Impedance Control Boards?

No, we do not have the capability for fabricate Impedance Control Boards.

13. What is the minimum order quantity?

One piece per order.

14. What is the difference between Prototype and Small Production service?

The difference between the Prototype and Small Production service falls upon the quantitordered and lead time restrictions. Prototype Service will take up to 7 days for boards less than100 pcs . For small production service the duration coverage will be 10 days for single quantity or exceeding 100pcs per order.

15. Do you allow multiple designs to be merge together and run as a single order?

No, we do not accept multiple designs merging in a single panel. Each design will be treated as an individual order.

16. How do i list down the specifications of my order?

Kindly select the specification options available from the specific quote. The form is for standard specifications by default.

17. What if i encounter problem with my PCB?

Please contact sales@xinstronics.com for immediate advises.

18. Do you offer Tab-Routing and V-Scoring boards?

It is regretful that we do not have tab-routing and v-scoring cutting services. At presents, all boards will be cut into individual pieces.

19. What are the design rules required for my PCB?

You may check the Design Rules under the Capabilities Menu

20. Are there any expedited services available?

Yes, the quickest service is within 3 days with additional charges of RM50.00 per manday upon confirmation of orders.

21. What is the standard lead time for each order?

Our standard lead time is 7 days for prototype services and 10 days for small production services.


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